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Evidence-Based Forex applies scientific method and statistical tests, to determine the true effectiveness of technical trading strategies.  The historical simulation above demonstrates the growth of a capital of US$10,000 between the period of 2011 to 2019, without any capital withdrawal. It shows the potential cumulative return our robots could produce collectively! Using the Barclay Currency Traders Index as a benchmark, our systems have collectively outperformed the index annually. 

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Tey JinHean,

Relationship Manager,


I had the pleasure to witness the success of Evidence-Based Forex's (EBFX) systems at work, with an institutional-sized fund for the past 2 years. Strategies used by the systems were thoroughly tested, both back and forward tests.


The systems have also performed admirably across periods of high volatility, even as the virus-led volatility has struck since early 2020. The dexterity and performance of the systems are admirable.


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