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Trading can be simple and profitable,

If You Trade with Verified and Statistically Proven Trading Systems

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  Tey JinHean, 

  Relationship Manager, AxiCorp  

Abt Us

Outperformed the Currency Traders Index Annually since 2009.

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The historical simulation below demonstrates non accumulative annual returns, without any capital withdrawal.

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Without data,
you're just another person with an opinion.

- W. Edwards Deming

Trade Smarter

Trade With Proven Edge. Trade with Confidence.


Evidence-Based Forex applies scientific method and statistical tests, to determine the true effectiveness of technical trading strategies.  


The historical simulation above demonstrates the growth of a capital of US$10,000 between the period of 2009 to 2019, without any capital withdrawal. Using the Barclay Currency Traders Index as a benchmark, our systems have collectively outperformed the index annually.  

What People Are Saying

Tey JinHean,

Relationship Manager, AxiCorp

 Expert Opinion 

I had the pleasure to witness the success of Evidence-Based Forex's (EBFX) systems at work, with an institutional-sized fund for the past 2 years. Strategies used by the systems were thoroughly tested, both back and forward tests.


The systems have also performed admirably across periods of high volatility, even as the virus-led volatility has struck since early 2020. The dexterity and performance of the systems are admirable.


 Happy Customer / Hedge Recovery EA 

Been running the EA for 2 months (Jul and Aug) on a modest live account, using very small lot size.
Thanks to the market movements during this period, the trade profits have covered the purchase of the EA.
Grateful for your multi-year research in fine-tuning the EA and its parameters, and sharing this wonderful tool with the community :)

I have been using the Hedge Recovery EA for about 10 months. Although the EA aims for modest TP target, the key is that it is consistently profitable. My account is up by 7.8% thus far. I can tell that evidence-basedfx puts in tremendous effort in back testing this system and it gives me confidence to put real money to work. Highly recommended!

Founder of Algohybrid


 Expert Opinion 

 I found the trading systems deployed under Evidence-BasedForex to be robust. Each system had undergone high standard of institutional level advanced analysis, stress and robustness testing.

Collin Seow,

Founder of The Systematic Trader and TradingPLC

 Happy Customer / Quant 1 & Momentum EAs 

Have been using Evidence-BasedForex's algorithms since May 2019. The system's performances have been very consistent. They do not trade very often, have high win-rates with occasional drawdown. 8 out of the last 9 months, have been profitable.

Our Services
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If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep,

you will work until you die.

― Warren Buffett

Stock Market

Copy    Profit    Repeat

Focus on your day job and let our robots do the work for you. Trading using verified statistical edge removes emotion and second guessing. Subscript to our statistically proven systems and replicate our trading edge to your account automatically!


LinkUpHost is the VPS I used personally to host my algorithms. Very stable and highly recommended!

If you are using robots to trade forex, you have to check this out!



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